Its in our DNA to take short cuts and try to get what we want while doing as little as possible, it is what sells lottery tickets.

All players in all teams exploit the rules. How many tries have been disallowed due to defending players diving when decoys brush past them. Countless players now stay down feigning injury after any foul play, only to receive a penalty and then fall back in to line UNINJURED. However these are issues for another day.

I’m calling it early and I hope for the game I am wrong, but I believe before the final siren of 2016 atleast one NRL team will exploit the concussion test to get a free interchange. With interchanges reduced by 2, most teams are utilizing all 8 changes with plenty of time left to play.

What a game changer it could be to give a tired forward a 10-minute break and get a fresh set of legs on the field in a tight one with 15 to go, or bringing in a utility player when scores are all tied up with 5 left, to have them kick a field goal while the opposition swarm towards a Cooper Cronk or Adam Reynolds.

I pray it doesn’t happen, but with players ever so wiling to take a dive for a penalty it is a question of who not when.



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