If you were the most powerful person in rugby league what would you do?

If you do but one thing what would it be?

I pose the following questions, what would you bring back, what would you change and what would you get rid off.

While I love the game and on the whole I could not write a long list of changes, there are 3 things I would like to see altered.



Shoulder Charges, bring them back. There are more people getting concussions then ever and I don’t see the shoulder charge as the culprit. The real problem is contact with the head. Solution, make it an instant suspension for 3 weeks for any contact with the head and put the matter to rest.



I would change the obstruction rule, it is hopeless and just results in players diving. I thought for a brief moment we had it right but it appears not. Continually players make no attempt to play on, instead falling to the ground like an English Premier League game. I saw this when the Sharks played the Tigers. While Paul Gallen didn’t drop to the ground like a sniper had shot him, he did throw his hands in the air and failed to play on. If he continued the chase he may have stopped the try, or at worst gave the Officials enough evidence to show that he couldn’t get to the ball carrier. In Gallens defense this came after the Sharks were disallowed a try at the other end for an obstruction. Give the team with the ball the benefit of the doubt and make the defensive team play to the whistle.



Diving……….. No Surprises

This is not a rule that I can change, but I would pay money to have it removed out of the modern game. If you stay down to receive a penalty you should have to go off. This would see only serious offences getting brought to light. It is boring watching every player stay down trying to milk a penalty for a clip on the chin. The modern players wouldn’t run on to the field if they played 20 years ago. Im not saying bring back the biff or play a “grubs” game. I’m simply saying if you are not hurt GET UP.


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