Currently when a player has a moment of misconduct the opposition team is awarded a penalty and the player is placed on report. This sees them basically face a Court where they defend their actions and face penalties based on a demerit point system, a lot like your driving license.

This system gives the NRL an opportunity to take the time to make an informed decision about the charge, while giving the player and club a chance to mount a defense for the action. Basically it is our judicial system.

The part that I feel is incorrect is that the opposing team on the day is awarded nothing more than a penalty, while the teams in the coming weeks will face a side without the offending player. It really provides a disadvantage to the violating team more so than an advantage to the opposing team on the day.

All in all in it is pretty good system and I am not trying to pick it apart, but what if the player was sin binned for 3 minutes for a violation. Giving the opposition potentially 2 attacking sets a man up. It would give the opposition a valuable chance at capitalizing and posting points. Imagine the expansive attacking football during this period.

Perhaps a penalty and an extra man would provide too much advantage, but in my opinion it would be no more advantageous than the teams receive in the following weeks facing a Thurstonless Cowboys or a Tigers side without Tedesco?

Your thoughts……..


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