Diving…….The most disgusting, miserable, but nevertheless tactical way to give your side the advantage.

Its been around a while now in Rugby League, but it is now being taken to a level where the players put more effort into their acting then into the play. The way we are going teams will have there own acting coach, teaching players how to dive realistically.

Two notable incidents on the weekend flagged a need for action.

Firstly Josh Reynolds feigning a serious concussion, only to play on. He should have been forced to immediately leave the field for a concussion test, which would have excluded him from the rest of the game. If Reynolds stayed on to be involved in a try there would have been some serious questions asked.

The second was Jamie Lyon launching himself through the air like a Ballerina ensuring the Cowboys 4 pointer was denied.

We need to stop rewarding these poor acts of gameplay. I’m at the point where I would almost rather see Jamie Lyon hit with a professional foul, but that will likely end in more controversy with officials trying to rule on “intent”.

For mine the NRL needs to look at the following options.

  1. Remove the Bunker from reviewing and ruling on the previous play where a player has stayed down, leaving the 2 on field referee’s to adjudicate the game
  2. Review the obstruction rule, whereby any defending player who does not play to the whistle, voids the obstruction. The obstructed player must prove by continuing to engage in the play, that he was in fact disadvantaged by an opposition player.

I think it would take one week of awarded tries, to cease the obstruction diving.

The NRL has to do something about this.


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