The meeting of NRL Coaches this week put forward the proposal of Extra Time rather than Golden Point for the 2016 final series.

Under the proposal, five minutes extra time each way would be played in the event of a draw in all Finals matches before the game goes to golden point. I support the proposal for the final series and furthermore would be willing to adopt it for the regular season.

I do like Golden Point, it provides exhillerating football and is entertaining for the fans. Really there is only one flaw with Golden Point, the Referee’s reluctance to call penalties during the period of play. The Round 2 clash of the Knights and Raiders was a prime example of this. Both sides were frequently offside attempting to pressure the field goal attempt. With a blow of the whistle the game is potentially over.

Moving to an Extra Time format would still provide entertaining football and numerous field goal attempts, but also ensure the game wouldn’t be decided by the Referee’s whistle. If at the end of extra time we are still all tied up then Golden Point would commence.

I’d also like to see the losing team awarded 1 point for any loss in Extra Time or Golden Point.


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