Are you interested, bored or on the fence?

Anyone who watched Samoa Vs. Tonga last Saturday night would understand how great International Football can be. Before play even commenced I had goose bumps watching the two sides death stare each other in a several minute standoff, before each team performed their native tribal dance.

A game that featured a lower completion rate than an under 9’s match, seemingly proved more entertaining than the Friday night Test Match between Australia and NZ. It was nothing short of passionate Origin like football, with a crowd singing like an English Premier League match.

International Football has ebbed and flowed like a tide throughout the 21st century. It gets a mention every couple of weeks, enough to keep the flame going, but no one seems to be adding any fuel.

The Tonga Vs. Samoa match featured 33 players with NRL experience, which shows the abundance of Pacific Island players in Rugby League.

Developing and involving more countries would only benefit the NRL with the best international players striving to play in the pinnacle code, NRL. A supply of international players, playing in Australia would allow the NRL to look more seriously at expansion.


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