Poor crowds, I have the solution……………..

Reduce the Regular Season!

Don’t get me wrong I love my footy, but year round footy doesn’t sell tickets.

The NFL only plays 16 regular season games giving each team 8 home games. A shorter season would condense regular season crowds and increase interest in the game.

For years rep players have raised concern over the amount of football they play when including representative games. Reducing the regular season would provide a better window for representative football, an area that needs attention. It would be great to see better quality international football that hosts the games best players.

The main challenge of this approach is scheduling. With fewer rounds very few teams would play eachother twice, if any. Home ground advantage would play a vital role in which teams play footy come September. Arguably this would only further increase interest in homes games, with fans able to play a role in getting their team through to the finals.

Leave the fans wanting more!!!


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