I alluded to this in my previous article Reduce the Regular Season. The way to achieve this is simple, change Origin to a standalone format.

It is unfair for several teams to play without Origin players twice, while other teams play only once. That one game, can prove the difference between 8th and 9th spot come September.

The spread of representative players is also uneven with the Cowboys and Broncos providing 10 of Queensland’s 17. Both Brisbane and North Queensland lost on the weekend against opposition outside of the top 8. I fail to see why these clubs and many others before them should be penalized for their “good form”.

I’d even throw on the table ORIGIN MONTH…. The regular competition stops and Origin is played back to back over 3 weeks.

A standalone format gives clubs the opportunity to address player’s niggling injuries, injuries that are often aggravated throughout the season becoming serious injuries requiring extended time away from the field.

Kieran Foran was injured in last nights game against the Knights and will most likely be sidelined for several weeks (he has since been ruled out for the remainder of the 2016 season). He aggravated a shoulder injury that he has been carrying for several weeks. With Origin Month he potentially would not even miss a game, or better yet may have avoided the injury altogether.

Every fan wants to see their club take the field at full strength every week, presently injuries plague our competition. This mid season re-group would build a spectacular second half of the competition.


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