For me there is only one voice of Rugby League…… Ray Warren.

Perhaps it is because I grew up with “Rabbits” commentary, but I cannot imagine anyone else calling a State of Origin.

I love his voice and I love his call, he excites me and gets me up out of my chair.

But the end is nearing for the 72 year old with speculation 2016 may be his last season, and the time will come when he disconnects the microphone for the last time.

So who will be the next voice of Rugby League?

There are many co-commentators which call the game each week alongside Ray, however I couldn’t imagine any of them taking front seat. Gus Gould, Peter Sterling, Joey Johns, Paul Vautin and many other ex-players all form parts of the commentary team but none take the lead role. Their contribution comes by providing a technical view on the happenings of the game and they do it well.

Fox Sports has Warren Smith and Andrew Voss along with many co-commentators such as Matty Johns, Braith Anasta, Greg Alexander and others. For mine Smith and Vossy would have to be inline if Rabs were to give it up. Forget the regular season, let’s talk Origin.

Watching old games and hearing Ray Warren call “Webcke” in a State of Origin still gives me goose bumps. It raises hair listening to him calling “Johns, Johns, Johns” as he often so did when the playmaker made a break.

I don’t know who else is out there to take top spot and take over the greatest job in the world, so my vote would go to Vossy. Although the Fox Sport’s commentator’s commentary sometimes dazzles more than the game itself and his outlandish comments leave you sitting there thinking what is this guy on, he does make the footy exciting.

Who’s your vote?


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