Nowadays there is a smorgasbord of television programmes covering all things NRL. Here is my top 5.

  1. The Footy Show

For me the show went downhill upon the departure of Peter Sterling and Matty Johns. They do alot for Rugby League, but for mine fail to break down the game on screen. It features many NRL representatives but the lack of footy talk on the show excludes me as a fan.

  1. NRL 360

This show is now on 3 nights a week so they obviously have their fare share of supporters. They talk a lot of Rugby League focusing more on the media side of the game than the technical aspect. Each night they have themed guests in Players Nights, Coaches Night and Legends Night. I cannot take to Paul Kent, frequently disagreeing with his extremist view. Paul Kent host alongside Ben Ikin, arguably the nicest guy within Rugby League. The problem is Ben Ikin is too nice, and at times compares to a 10th grade Math teacher. He gets excited but fails to instill that excitement into his audience.

  1. Sterlo On the Couch

In my opinion Peter Sterling is one of, if not the best technical caller of the game. He, in my opinion is also one of the most unbiased commentators. Sterlo on the couch addresses a good amount of footy although the show is a bit short. The highlight of the show is Peter Sterling’s interviews, where he plays to the show’s name “On the Couch”. Pete’s one on one interviews provide an unseen insight into his guest and the show is worth watching just for the weekly interview.

  1. The Sunday Footy Show

If you want a technical account on the weeks happenings that offers a full wrap of all things NRL, then you cannot go past the Sunday Footy Show. Like NRL 360 they address almost every rumour and happening from within Rugby League, they just do it better. Formerly hosted by Peter Sterling (1993-2015), new host Yvonne Sampson also does a great job hosting the show. If you love your Rugby League and want to stay up to date with anything and everything NRL then make sure you tune in each Sunday.

  1. Monday Night with Matty Johns

In one word HILARIOUS! Matty Johns is comically priceless on his own and with the addition of Fletch & Hindy the show delivers one of the most entertaining and humorous wraps on the NRL. Lara Pitt delivers breaking news and some great inside scoops on NRL gossip. If you prefer a laugh over non stop football insight, then this is the No.1 show for you. There is a decent amount of technical talk on matches, although it runs short making way for several comical gags. It’s not as in depth as The Sunday Footy Show but it offers up unmatched entertainment.


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