Every year around State of Origin the term “loyalty” gets thrown around. After last night’s loss to QLD, the NSW players are once again calling for loyalty. Blues call for stability to break stranglehold

I’m going to let NSW in on a well-kept secret. Loyalty works for QLD, because they have won 11 of the past 12 series. The players are proven and they deserve the right to defend their titles regardless of their club form.

Now to NSW, who have won 1 series in the past 12 years…………. throw loyalty out the window.

Jump on youtube and watch a video of someone trying to net a basketball from halfway. They will throw it hundreds of times, just missing and hitting the ring, saying, “oh we almost got it”. This is NSW, almost there and very competitive but never quite getting the desired result. Like the youtube video, eventually they will get a net (2014), only then for the cycle to begin again.

I could argue both ways for choosing a new team for game 3, but ultimately with the series gone it doesn’t matter. NSW selectors need to pick some new talent in 2017, not because the current players are bad, because they have had their opportunity and didn’t get the goods. There is no need to replace the whole team, but for some long term incumbents it is time to handover the jersey and give someone else the opportunity.


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