Adam Reynolds is out and his replacement is in….. Matt Moylan.

New South Wales coach Laurie Daley says Matt Moylan’s inclusion into his Origin III side was a “no-brainer” following Adam Reynolds’ withdrawal on Wednesday afternoon.

And I have to agree, the decision proves Laurie Daley has no brains. How can anyone conclude that picking a fullback at halfback, in the games biggest arena is a good decision. Mitchell Pierce and Trent Hodkinson have previously worn the number 7 for NSW, throw on top Mitchell’s familiarity with ex team mate, James Maloney. Or if looking to the future, toss in Luke Brooks rather than potentially ruining Matt Moylan’s Origin career.

Moylan has got talent, no disputes, but the young fullback’s introduction to Origin hasn’t exactly been outstanding. He has failed to excel at the top level and as a result was overlooked, in place of the favoured James Tedesco. Yet Laurie, somehow concludes that dropped-halfback = Matt Moylan.

NSW, its time to move on, Laurie needs to go. Find a coach who actually knows what the numbers on players’ backs mean. Your trying to beat “The Greatest QLD Team EVER” you may as well just toss up the under 20’s.

If we were talking about Greg Inglis or Jarryd Hayne it may be a worthy experiment, but unfortunately we are talking about a young and recent debut on to the Origin arena.


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