Last year’s runners up have taken a slide down the ladder in recent weeks. After a strong start to their 2016 campaign, Brisbane’s form has wavered stringing together several less than impressive performances to fall to 6th spot.

Their previously dynamic duo of Milford and Hunt in the halves, now lacks confidence and enthusiasm.

I had been a Ben Hunt advocate, and believed that after his horror grand final blunder, the 26 year old would use it to fuel his competitive edge. Hunt is a quality player but has yet to find maturity and leadership in his game. At times he appears to be back in Under 20’s trying to score on every play. With a game on the line he can be found placing an attacking kick early in the count, rather than completing the set and placing a defensive kick to build pressure. His 5th tackle options have been well scrutinised and his barrage of midfield bombs and incorrect decisions can cost a game.

Milford is a “live wire” and brings great attacking spark to the side. He has shown signs of maturity, kicking a field goal for a golden point win against the Cowboys. He to struggles at times with leadership but at age 21 and with only a season in the halves he is progressing nicely. Brisbane need to get Milford linking up with James Roberts, as last year’s centre of the year, has rarely featured since his arrival to Brisbane. He is a waste sitting out on the edges only receiving two touches a game. I thought Wayne Bennett would have came up with something to get the speedster involved in the game.

Ben Hunts failure to meets demands appears telling, with rumours Brisbane has offered Rabbitoh’s Cody Walker a 3 year deal. If they miss Walker, they should look at picking up Kieran Foran, bringing with him maturity and easing the pressure on Milford, allowing him to become the star he should be.


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