I haven’t written anything for a while and tonight I realised why, it is because of the RIP in our competition. To put it simply, there is a huge difference between the top 3 (Sharks, Storm and Cowboys) and the rest of the competition.

For the past several weeks I have had nothing to write about. After watching the Storm Vs. Cowboys, I realised it is because I only want to watch the top 3 play each other each and every week.

The Storm faced a Thurstonless Cowboys and it was still the best game I have watched since Origin 3. A game that featured the sharpest attack against the most desperate defence I have seen in a club game for sometime. It was almost movie like, resembling a Rocky movie where seemingly the world’s best 2 boxers, beat each other relentlessly until one crumbles. Against another team the Storm or Cowboys win by 40.

I’m not knocking the other teams, but they are so far from the top it’s not funny. Go back to the up and coming Bulldogs getting schooled by the Cowboys several weeks ago. The best games this year have been, Cowboys Vs. Storm, Sharks Vs. Cowboys, Broncos Vs. Cowboys and Cowboys Vs. Broncos. Unfortunately Brisbane have lost form and can no longer match it with the top 3.

Scrap the top 8 this year, and lets have a Tri Series between the top 3


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