The Raiders have shown they are true premiership contenders, knocking over competition heavy weights, the Sharks. The Raiders ended the Sharks undefeated streak of 17 games.

I have written about the split in the competition, where I highlighted the Sharks, Storm and Cowboys as being a huge step above the rest of the competition. Tonight through a great defensive effort, the Raiders join that group.

Until tonight I was not convinced of the Raiders. Sure they can and regularly do score a lot of points, but I was unconvinced of the team’s defence and discipline. There ill discipline of past, in my belief would make it impossible for them to beat top teams consecutively in a final series.

Tonight the Raiders won a game where 70% of the game was played in Raiders territory. The Sharks had no shortage of oppurtunities and threw a fair amount at the Canberra based team. To their credit, the Raiders met the challenge and it what was arguably their best defensive effort of the season. The whole side is massive and they are going to take a lot of stopping, on the back of confidence and building form.

For the first time in a long time the Raiders fans have something to cheer about.


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