We’re all hypocrites

We’re all hypocrites

It seems we loathe missed infractions just as much as we despise incorrect decisions.

We want free flowing Rugby League with no delays but not at the expense of accurate refereeing.

And I agree, for me there is no difference between the wrong team winning from a missed infraction and the right team losing due to an incorrect decision.

There has been a fallout from the first round of finals. The Brisbane Vs. Titans match has wilted to huge upheaval after James Roberts kicked a player on the ground with no repercussions, only for Brisbane to score a try in the following set. Furthermore in both the Friday match and Bulldogs Vs. Panthers, players were penalised for nothing more than contesting a kick.

The question is how do we get there, how do we reach perfection? Do we speed up the game and remove replays, what we don’t see won’t hurt us? Or do we slow it down and review every aspect of the game. I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is, no matter which road we take we will not find perfection.

I think there is one option and that is, have a live feed being viewed in the Bunker with a 5 second delay feed on a 2nd screen. Should they see something in the live feed that may warrant a penalty, they have 5 seconds to watch it once more and stop the match.

If we went down this road we are essentially handing the game to the Bunker and taking it out of the hands of the onfield officials. They would become little more than messengers, only marking the ten meters and counting the tackles.

At the end of the day we just want the right team to win, the team who deserves the victory fair and square.