I have an appreciation and liking for most sports however Rugby League is where my true passion lies. I long for the day where NRL rivals other codes in Australia and bangs on the door of becoming the unofficial National game.

Like most fans I have a favourite team and a State allegiance, however for the purpose of this blog I’ll set them aside and do my very best to remain as mutual as possible. And for that reason you’ll have to forgive me if the writing slows around Origin……………..

Each season I typically adopt a team or two. Not being a traitor against my club, but developing an appreciation for how another club is playing. It may be due to a player like Sam Burgess whose passion, aggression and leadership glues me to the screen, or a team like Parramatta, who offer up entertaining football with the new halves combo of Norman and Foran. It could be the flamboyance and unpredictable football that Shaun Johnson throws up, or the unrivaled attack of the Nth QLD Cowboys.

It changes season to season, but my devotion to the game never waivers……….